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Our Parish Catering Ministry:

All are Welcomed


Our Churchto volunteer and help serve this wonderful endeavor.




Our Adult Seminarsdemo

Sundays with Father

10:15 am - 11 am School Lounge

Sunday Mornings with Father


Sunday, April 24th

The Meaning of Faith

Sunday, April 10th

The Value of the Liturgy


SS Peter & Paul

Ukrainian Catholic Church





Our Parish School:demo

Class Times:

10 am - 11 am

Classes begin after

9 am Divine Liturgy


Calendar of Current Events


Attendance at our School is mandatory for all our parish youth, from preschool through high school.



Our Sunday School Session will be ending on May 1st so that all our students can attend our Marian Day and School Procession to our Grotto.



Come and Learn with Us!


Side Altar



Church Services:

Saturday Divine Liturgy

8 am English

6 pm English


Sunday Divine Liturgy

9 am Ukrainian


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May 1st, 2016



All 2016 Bulletins can be found by clicking here.



Ascension of our Lord

Thursday, May 5th

7 am Divine Liturgy

6 pm Divine Liturgy


Pope Francis




  • May 8th is Mother's Day and Solemn First Holy Communion
  • Please consider donating to either request to help Educare: A Socical Service for Orphans in Ukraine
  • Please consider giving to help a family meet the medical costs for their daughte's leukemia treatment. Please check the bulletin board at the back of the church for more details.
  • New Parishioners are always welcomed, see Father Ron after Divine Liturgy.
  • Copies of "Bishop for a Day" are still available. Just ask one of our ushers.

Liturgical Services:

Services for the week of May 1, 2016

  • Thursday, May 5th~ 7 am Ascension Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for +Dr. Noelle Rotondo)
  • Thursday, May 5th~ 6 pm Ascension Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for +the Newmaster Family)
  • Friday, May 6th~ 7 am Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for +George Dychdala
  • Saturday, May 7th~ 8 am English Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for +Peter and Martha Popivchak)
  • Saturday, May 7th~ 6 pm English Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for +Eugene Lonchar)
  • Sunday, May 8th~ 9 am Ukrainian Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for +Peter Martinick)
Updated: May 2, 2016

Important Links:

More Web Resource

demoDownload a Copy of The Way

Home Page of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadephia

Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School Website, Allendale Road, King of Prussia

Updated: June 30, 2015


Current News at Saints Peter & Paul

May 1, 2016

Assumption of Mary

Next Sunday, May 8th we will honor all of our Parish Mothers and women on Mother's Day. Also, we will have our First Confession and Solemn Communion for several young students of our School. Don't miss this beautiful feast at our 9 am Divine Liturgy next Sunday Morning.




Pope Francis has decreed that this is the year of Mercy and has called upon all Christian-Catholics to practice the virture of Mercy.

Good Examples of practicing mercy include:

  • Praying and Caring for the sick,
  • Helping the poor,
  • Feeding the hungry,
  • Praying for Peace,
  • Welcoming the refugees.


Father Ron speaks about his book, "Bishop for a Day"

Father Ron's Talk and Discussion from October 4th


Bishop for a Day

Copies of "Bishop for a Day" are available. Pick up your copy from one of our Ushers. You can also purchase it as an e-book through Amazon. Just click here.




We are Blessed!

Our parish is blessed with many dedicated volunteers who maintain our buildings, school grounds, and Parish cemetery.

We are very grateful for their time and effort, especially for Matt and Jim Martyniuk for our Parish Cemetery upkeep, John Horulko for our electrical systems, Bert LeGendre and Shawn Timbario with painting, Jack Strouse and his landscaping crew, and Chris Senyk for his generosity and advice.

God bless all these good and faithful fellows in this New Year!!

Our Sunday School Program News

Our Sunday School Program will be ending on May 1st. Please make sure that your children attend school, so that they can participate in our big May 1st Marian Day Feast and in our May 8th Solemn Communion Feast.


We Give ThanksSt. Nick

We are blessed with so many generous volunteers who help in a myriad of ways our church community, school and catering ministry.

God Bless all these good people with abundant health, peace and prosperity

Your acts of kindness are the embodiment of Christ among us!


Our Parish Catering Ministry

helping hands

Stay tuned for the next catering event.

Volunteers are always welcomed to help in anyway! Please keep this in mind when you are planning your own To Do Lists. One person can make a difference!

And just remember that We can't do without all of YOU!



We Pray for All Our Shut-ins and Ill Folks for God's Healing Graces

Please remember to pray for all of our elderly and ailing folks. Check out the most recent bulletin for names of our Parishioners. Perhaps you can send a card, a prayer, a kind thought, an e-mail or a phone call?

Mary in Our Grotto

Our New Sign


More Photos of our Beautiful Church!





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A Christ Centered Ukrainian Catholic Faith Community in Bridgeport, PA!