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The Hank Cisco Show with Ronald Popivchak, Holiday Traditions 2017


The HANK CISCO SHOW with Bishop For A Day an Interview with Father Ron


October 22, 2017 Discussion on Divine Liturgy as the First Original Interactive Computer

Father Ron Speaks about The Mysteries of the Sacraments

Father Ron's Jubilee Celebration in 2017

Father Ron's 50th Jubilee Celebration was a Beautiful Event!

Father Ron

Father RonWhat a great Jubilee Feast!

In attendance were 3 Bishops, 20 religious, 600 Faithful, 50 relatives, the Promethius Choir, all our beautiful school children,45 kitchen workers and lovely Ukrainian-clad wait-staff.

We made history here, Folks! We are so grateful to all who shared in this jubilee feast. Father Ron will never forget your love and kindness, fine words and generous gifts, hard work in the kitchen and lounge. Our Parish will be known, far and wide, as a most vibrant church brimming with love and talent, generosity and a welcoming spirit to one and all!



Our Parish Booklet

There are a few copies left of our Parish Booklet that marks the 50th Priestly Jubilee of our Pastor. Copies will be located in the Church's vestibule for your convenience



Father Ron's First Mass

A Special Thank you Goes Out To:

The men and women of our Auxillary, the fellows that provided and served the beverages and the wonderful crew of workers who set the tables, arranged the beautiful centerpieces and vases of flowers and all who organized the cases and boxes of everything imaginable for our lovely feast. It was the largest sit-down dinner ever served in our parish hall. To our knowledge, no local parish has ever accompished such a feat!







Father Ronnie, This One's for You!

Composed and Sung by Michael Trycieckyj
Joined by the SS Peter and Paul Sunday School Choir
Click here for the lyrics


Hallelujah Father Ronnie!

Sung by Kathy Plush and the SS Peter and Paul Sunday School Choir, Click here for lyrics



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